Garment Care Directions

Bicycling jerseys and performance t-shirts require special care when washing and should not be treated like normal clothing.  Retro Two recommends following the directions listed below to maximize the life of your jersey.

  • Wash your jersey immediately after each cycling session. This will prevent bacteria and odor from building up over time.  
  • Make sure the zipper is closed and the jersey is turned inside out before washing.  If possible, put the jersey in a mesh wash bag for added protection. 
  • Always wash your jersey in cold water, using a mild detergent that is designed for fine or delicate washables.  Place the detergent into the water and not directly on the jersey.  
  • Avoid washing your jersey alongside garments with exposed zippers, velcro, snaps or rough fabrics such as denium that can be abrasive.
  • Never use fabric softners or bleach when washing your jersey.  Fabric softners will loosen the fibers, inhibiting your jerseys wicking capabilities and bleach can alter the color of your jersey.
  • We recommend air-drying your jersey.  This protects the life of the fibers and helps to maintain the overall shape of the jersey.  
  • Do not tumble dry or iron the jersey.  Heat from the dryer or iron can cause shrinking and damage the fibers.