Adventure Cycling Association

America’s Bicycle Travel Experts

The Adventure Cycling Association is more than just a bike club. It’s a nonprofit, member based organization with the sole purpose of supporting and growing the cycling community in North America. They were founded in 1973 and in that time they have gained 47,000 proud members.

Today we’re going to tell you a little bit about this organization.

Routes and Maps

The Adventure Cycling Association has been hard at work mapping out more bike routes across the United States. To date they have recorded more than 44,662 miles into the Adventure Cycling Route Network. These maps are for sale and are very popular in the cycling community.

In certain states Adventure Cycling Association maps will be incorporated into the proposed U.S. Bicycle Route System, which is a national network of bike routes.

Guided Tours

Fully supported, van supported, inn to inn, self-contained and even educational tours are all offered by the Adventure Cycling Association. These tours utilize the Adventure Cycling maps to show bike travelers the best that the country has to offer. It’s a very popular option for summer travels.

Cycling Resources

There are many, many online resources available from this organization. They offer how to guides, bike registry, newsletters, an ambassador program, forums and blogs, social medias and even Adventure Cyclist, a magazine designed for cyclists.

Be Part of The Cycling Community

Being a member of the Adventure Cycling Organization puts you in a network of cyclists that expands all the way across the United States of America. It means that your part of the growth of the cycling community today and that you’re connected to thousands of other cyclists like you.

Building the Bike World

The Adventure Cycling Association is constantly striving to improve the cycling community. The advocate better road and trails, as well as growing and connecting the bike community.