Women's Collection

Collections made by Inspiration

Time and time again, we find inspiration in the world around us. It’s that inspiration that has gone into creating the many women’s jerseys and perfromance t-shirts that we offer today. They are vibrant, comfortable and help you perform at maximum capacity each time you get on your bike. Check out some of our popular women’s bicycle jerseys and performance t-shirts and see for yourself.


Craft Brewery/Winery Collection

Beer and wine enthusiasts already wear their loyalty on their sleeves. Now with this collection, we can make that phrase a literal thing. We carry jerseys for Schlafly, Lucky Lab and Victory Brewing just to name a few.


Badges of Distinction

Our inspiration on this collection of women’s retro cycling jerseys is the head badges of the early 1900s. A head badge is a decorative metal plate designed to help differentiate and market bicycle brands. They were fun and expressive, but have since fallen out of use and become collectors’ items. With this collection you can proudly display an iconic head badge on your new cycling jersey.


Knights of the Road

Designed to make you look like you should be seated around King Arthur’s Round Table, this collection was inspired by the coats of arms of  medieval knights. These cycling jerseys for women (Joan of Arc) display bright, vibrant crests that will help you stand out next time you go out for a ride.


The High Road

Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Trainwreck and Purple Haze. This collection illustrates the flavor and effects of each of these popular cannabis strains available legally at dispensaries. This collection is designed to help cyclists discretely express themselves.


Lost Empires

Are you fascinated by ancient civilizations? This women’s bicycle jersey collection is inspired by the culture, traditions and art of ancient Greece, Rome, China, Egypt, and even the lost city of Atlantis.


Find Your Size

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