Cycling Hats

Wear a True Classic

The cycling cap, or casquette (French for cap), has been worn by professional and recreational cyclists all over the world from France and Italy to Australia and the United States. Throughout its many years of use its design has become an iconic piece of apparel synonymous with cycle racing and every day bicycle riding. Our cycling hats are a stylish and functional choice for any cyclists or bike enthusiasts.

Our cycling caps are currently available for $7.99 as sale items.


Classic Cycling Style

Straight from France and into our hearts, the cycling cap is a bold choice that is sure to draw attention next time you’re out on the mountain path or blazing down the highway. Some of our current designs can help you display your favorite brewery.


Classic Cotton Construction

Is your helmet not very comfortable on long rides? Sounds like you need a Retro2Ride cycling cap. Our cycling caps are made in the USA out of 100% cotton ensuring that you have luxuriously soft buffer between you and your bicycle helmet.


Classic Performance Enhancer

Our biking hats are more than just a snazzy fashion choice, they’re also designed to help you perform better. They do this by wicking away moisture on your scalp, keeping rain and sweat from dripping into your eyes, and if you spin it backward, it can save you from a nasty sun burn on your neck. Check one out and see the difference it can make on your next ride.


One Size Fits All

All of the options we offer for bike hats are universally sized to fit any man or woman’s head and guaranteed to fit comfortably under your bike helmet.