Winter Cycling Jerseys

Don’t Let the Cold Stop You

The cold weather can be a huge deterrent for going outside and cycling. In fact, if you’re not careful, it can stop your routine dead. Don’t give into the winter. Let a winter cycling jersey from Retro2Ride help you persevere through the freezing temperatures, so you can keep riding and breaking personal records.

Long sleeve cycling jerseys from Retro2Ride are available for both male and female cyclists.


Look Cool

In one of our cycling jerseys you’ll look as cool as the weather outside. We offer a plethora of unique designs that are bright and distinct: iconic characters and symbols, beloved breweries, and impressive coats of arms. These jerseys are the perfect way to stand out among other cyclists this winter.


Feel Warm

Any exposed skin can cause you to loose heat fast. A long sleeve cycling jersey or performance tee could be your solution for those excessively cold and windy rides. We also use Euro Mesh fabric in the production of our winter jerseys. This material is ultra-soft and adaptable so you can feel comfortable on any winter ride.


Get Hot

Our winter jerseys are made with AIRpass Pro technology that is designed to wick away sweat and keep you ventilated at a level that’s optimal for your performance. It’s this technology that gives us the advantage over wool cycling jerseys that trap moisture causing a bad combination of cold and wet that can result in real discomfort. Additionally, our jerseys come with three pockets for carrying any essential items and a silicone strip that keeps cold wind from blowing up your jersey.


Find Your Size

Need help finding your size of winter cycling jersey? We’ve got you covered. Just click here to take a look at our cycling apparel sizing chart so you can stay out on your bike this winter.