Men's Long Sleeve Cycling Jerseys

Extra Sleeves for Extra Miles

Longer rides mean more exposure to the elements and the more skin you show the more you will be affected. Our men’s long sleeve cycling jerseys cover the maximum amount of skin on your upper body to protect you from those elements while maintaining that cyclist look you pride yourself on. 

Our ultra-soft Euro Mesh fabric for maximum comfort and ventilation. It is designed to wick away sweat as you ride to keep your body comfortable in all climates. Don’t let outrageous weather keep you off your bike. Add some sleeves to your cycling jersey and get back out there.

 Extra Canvas

Our instantly recognizable cycling jerseys are always a statement with their bright colors and bold designs, and with the addition of sleeves that statement is extended all the way down your arms. This opens up new design possibilities that make you stand out, regardless of whether you’re cycling through the city or leading the pack in a competition.

 Extra UV Ray Coverage

Riding in the summer pretty much guarantees sun burns. However, a little crispy skin may be the least of your worries if you’re not careful. We’re talking about some serious health risks, which is why each of our men’s long sleeve cycling jerseys is made for 30+ SPF protection. Don’t let the sun get in the way of your passion, wear a long sleeve cycle jersey. 

WARNING: Always wear sun protection when outside for prolonged periods of time.

 Extra Cold Weather Protection

More sleeve means more protection from chilly weather, too. With a men’s long sleeve cycle jersey you keep harsh winds and perspiration off your arms, so you don’t have to put your passion on hold. Get out and ride this winter with a long sleeve men’s cycling jersey.

Find Your Jersey Size

Need a little help figuring out what size of men’s long sleeve cycling jersey is right for you? No problem. Check out our handy cycling apparel sizing chart today and order a new cycling jersey, so you can ride like a pro tomorrow.