Cycling Essentials

10 Pieces of Essential Cycling Gear

Welcome to Cycling 101. Today’s lesson is “Essential Cycling Gear.”  We’re going to walk you through exactly what you need to become a recreational cyclist. Check it out!


1. Cycling Jersey

For optimal comfort, style and performance you’re going to want to pick up a cycling jersey. These shirts are designed with cyclists in mind. They use extremely soft, breathable fabric that keeps you dry and cool out on the bike trails and blacktops. Cycling Jersey come in a variety of styles that include long sleeve, short sleeve and performance tees.


2. Bike Shorts

All the advantages of a cycling jersey, but for your legs. This form fitting piece of attire will ensure that you push yourself to the limit in style by being comfortable, breathable and aerodynamic.


3. Cycling Gloves

Improve your grip and protect yourself from blisters. Open fingered gloves allow for great grip, as well as extra ventilation and dexterity when you need it. Plus they look really cool!


4. Athletic Shoes

Find a good athletic shoe with proper arch support. At the end of a long ride or race your feet will thank you.


5. Bicycle Saddle

Believe us, when you spend a couple hours pedaling away on your bike, a standard bicycle seat just isn’t going to cut it. Shop around and find a bike seat that has enough cushion to be comfortable on those full afternoon rides.


6. Water Bottle

Cycling is tough and to stay at the peak of your game it’s absolutely crucial that you stay hydrated. Pick up a water bottle and mount for your bicycle and stay in the game. Additionally, plan your longer routes with locations where you can get quick refills.


7. Bike Helmet

Protect your noggin! Cycling can be a dangerous sport. You never know when you’re going to take a nasty spill and if you do you’ll be glad you’re wearing a helmet.


8. Eye Protection

Always expect the unexpected. On the road you have to look out for rocks, asphalt and other types of debris. If you’re on mountain trails, you can get caught by dirt, rocks and even low-hanging tree limbs. Protect your eyes and live to ride another day.


9. Medical/Repair Kit

Prepare for both medical and bicycle emergencies. Whether you break your arm or blow a tire, have the tools on hand to ensure that you get home safely.


10. Heart

Dedication, determination, will-power, enthusiasm. Whatever you call it, it’s the most important gear to bring on every ride. You have to be passionate about fitness and cycling. Always remember that you have what it takes to go that extra mile.


What are you waiting for! Grab all of your gear and a bright and vibrant Retro2Ride cycling jersey today!