Map My Ride

Take the Thought Out of Your Workout

The Map My Ride GPS Tracker mobile app from Under Armor is promoted on their website as the #1 cycling app, but is it? We took some time and did a little research to find out how this app stacks up. Alright, let’s take a quick look at the features and see what people in the cycling community thought about this mobile app.


Track Your Workout and Your Gear

The Map My Ride app is able to track more than 600 activities, including cycling, running, swimming, etc. In addition to allowing you to track how your doing—counting calories burned, your pace, distance and heartrate—the Map My Ride app also tracks how your gear is doing. Track the mileage on your sneakers and it will alert you when you need a new pair based on mileage.


Share with Your Friends

Connect with friends and other cyclists in the community by sharing the details of your fitness activities through Facebook, Twitter and email. This makes it really easy to show off, show encouragement and egg on some friendly competition.


Integrate with the Desktop Site

Connect to the Map My Ride website to store and view all your workout data. This allows you to easily see your progress, join online fitness groups and connect with the cycling community.


MVP Membership Features

If you choose to upgrade from the free version to Map My Ride’s paid MVP membership you receive these additional features:

  • Ad free user experience
  • Heart rate analysis
  • Personal training planner
  • Audio coaching
  • Live tracks your workouts
  • Exclusive offers and promotions



Cyclist Reviews

“For workout purposes, this app was pretty cool. I like having all the data and seeing what other cyclists in the area are up to, so that’s great. My main gripe is with the social aspect. I had some issues with uploading to Facebook where it wouldn’t transfer my map. Not a huge deal. I still think it’s a neat little app.”—Steve K.

“I think this app is super helpful. It lets me see my progress, tells me where my friends are and what they’re doing and keeps track of my routes. It even counts my carbs! Check it out!”—Donna F.


Get the Most Out of This App

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