Retro/Vintage Cycling Jerseys

Be a True Classic

You’re a classic and so is your clothing. You want each time you hop up on your bike to be a statement that reminds people of iconic images of yesteryear. That’s where our vintage line comes into play. Turn back the clock with your own Retro2Ride vintage cycling jersey.

Our vintage line comes in various styles for men and women that includes short sleeve, long sleeve, sleeveless (Rosie only) and performance tees (select designs).

Retro Style

Our retro cycling jerseys are the perfect fit for anybody looking for that nostalgic charm, while out on a weekend ride or race. Some of our most popular retro options include:

  • Gumby
  • Smokey the Bear
  • Rosie the Riveter
  • NASA
  • Black Cat Fireworks
  • Smiley Face (Harvey Ball design)
  • Chat Noir

We also have the Horton collection, which is based upon vintage cycling posters. A growing collection designed from real artifacts, posters and photos from many huge cycling events of the past.

Modern Comfort

These jerseys may be designed to look vintage, but there’s nothing vintage about how they are manufactured. We use the latest and greatest in Euro Mesh fabric that’s ultra-soft, breathable and malleable to ensure that wherever you go on your cycling adventures you’ll be as comfortable as possible.

At Retro2Ride, our vintage cycling jerseys are manufactured in a club-cut that’s looser fitting than a pro or race cut to accommodate a broader range of body types comfortably.  Our performance t-shirts are even roomier.

Best Performance

Whatever time period your rocking in your retro cycling jersey, you’ll be sure to perform better than you ever have before. Our jerseys are designed with AIRpass Pro technology for optimal ventilation and moisture control so you can stay dry and cool on your bike.

Find Your Size

So, all of that sounds great, right? The last step is finding the perfect fit. Just click here to view our cycling apparel size chart and try out one of our retro cycling jerseys.