Women's Long Sleeve Cycling Jerseys

Longer Rides Require Longer Sleeves

When you’re a cyclist, a ride may not be just a quick workout. We know as well as you do that you could be out there riding and exploring for a whole afternoon or longer. If that sounds like you, then you’re constantly exposed to the elements. Avoid some of that exposure with our women’s long sleeve cycling jerseys.

Now, if you’re still on the fence about whether or not you want sleeves on your women’s cycling jersey, consider these points:

More Style

Turn heads with the vibrant, highly recognizable designs of our women’s long sleeve cycling jerseys. With the addition of sleeves you now have more space than ever before to display your individual style, as well as favorite breweries, coat of arms, and iconic characters.

More Sun Protection

Your arms make up for a fair amount of the skin on our body. If their exposed for several multiple-hour rides a week out in the sun, you may be increasing your possibility of sun burns and some serious medical illnesses caused by UV rays. A women’s long sleeve jersey from Retro2Ride helps to prevent that by providing 30+ SPF protection, so you can ride without worry.

More Cold Protection

Don’t let yourself become a bike-sicle when you ride your bicycle when it's chilly (Sorry). Wear a long sleeve cycling jersey from Retro2Ride and keep the cold wind and freezing precipitation off your arms. It will keep you warmer longer so you can keep riding longer.

Find Your Jersey Size

At Retro2Ride, we carry all sizes to accommodate any figure. Not sure what size of long sleeve bike jersey is right for you? We’ve got you covered. Just click here to view our Retro2Ride cycling apparel sizing chart and order your very own cycling jersey today!